Against risk of ground collision
Sentinel is the most flexible system in detection of potential collision on the ground (in motion as well as on the apron). Damages due to collision with an other plane, building, vehicule or equipment, have severe consequences for the plane’s enforced immobilisation such as out-of-service aircraft, repair costs, legal implications and public image issues.
Radar supervision, at any time on the apron, with visual and audible strong signal (up to 117 dB, flashing LED) alerting operators in case of risk situation.
Captures, transmits and stores pictures of the events. Remote access through a private account.
Reduces maintenance costs and need for staff.
Lightweight and low power consumption
Level 1
Receive push notification on your phone when
an intrusion occur on your aircraft.
Access our Web Application from your personal device (Android/iphone/windows)
to manage your airborn security system embedded 
Level 2
Level 1 + Access Worldwide the security videos associated to all the alarms triggered on your aircraft. 

All data exchanged during the access in remote control are encrypted.
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